narrative design artist

A member of the creative industries for twenty years, my portfolio includes traditional and multimedia forms. With experience in print, television, games, website design, lecturing and authoring of teaching material. And notably as a member of the Academy and BAFTA award winning VFX team at Framestore, London.

I am continually creating, whether this is through writing, illustration or game design and authoring.

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Traditional Illustration, Painting, Lifedrawing, Concept design, Character development and Narrative illustration. Model making, Stop frame animation.
Multimedia Multimedia programming, Website design, HTML/CSS, Lingo, Javascript, Game Engine/Editors, Animation.
VFX Texturing; Lighting; particle effects, hair and cloth simulations, collision and obstacle detection. Soft and Rigid body simulations.
3D Modelling (low/high poly, organic/hard edge). Knowledge of edge-loops and optimisation for animation. Animation (Organic/object and vfx), Character animation specialist. Motion capture data use/editing. MEL scripting for animation. Rigging (advanced rigs, FK/IK switch, bone creation and linking for animation, advanced techniques for realistic animation and script driven animation and expression).
Writing Sci-fi/Fantasy, PnP RPG (casual and convention use), Academic and Technical
Management Recruitment, Team management, Time management, Systems design.
Lecturing Course design from secondary to tertiary level.
Software PC/Mac/Linux, Maya Unlimited, CS5, Corel Painter, Renderman, Mudbox, Lightwave 9, 3DS max 7 (Character Studio), Strata 3D, Quark, MS Office, Acrobat, Atmospheres, Boujou, 3DEqualizer, Stitcher, Renderman, Geometrix, Syflex, Nuke, Shake, Corel (Suite), 3DPaint
Course Coordinator in Multimedia and 3DVFX — I.D.E.A. [Melbourne]
02/2010 to 08/2010 Course design. Department management. Head Lecturer.
Senior lecturer in Multimedia and 3DVFX — IDS [Melbourne]
04/2009 to 09/2009 Lecturing on UI design, game design, 3DVFX and animation.
Senior technical director VFX/Character FX — Animal Logic [Sydney]
10/2008 to 03/2009 The Guardians of Ga'Hoole (feature film)
Tools development and testing, MayaUnlimited2009 and Nuke 5.1.
Technical director / Creature technical director — Framestore [London]
08/2007 to 10/2008 The Tale of Despereaux (feature film)
Finalling, meshcache generation, rig generation, cloth simulation.
The Golden Compass (feature film)
Oscar and BAFTA for visual effects Animation, muscle systems, dynamic fur, rendering.
Digital Artist — Freelance [London]
01/2006 to 06/2007 Illustration, website design and creation, digital art and animation, lecturer in graphics and art (West Kent College, Tunbridge Wells).
Technical Director — Meteor Studios [Montreal]
08/2005 to 11/2005 Final Destination 3 (feature film)
Motion tracking, CG layout, animation and rendering.
Technical Director — Artem Digital [London]
06/2005 to 08/2005 TOCCA3 (AAA game)
MatchMoving 4D, Motioncapture editing, Geometrix.
Technical Director — Jim Henson's Creature Shop [London]
01/2005 to 05/2005 The Water Giant (feature film)
Matchmoving, lighting, technical solutions, rendering.
Batman Begins (feature film)
Motion tracking, CG lighting, rendering. Maya, Renderman, Shake..
  • Bachelor of Illustration, NMIT [Melbourne]
  • Post-graduate certificate in 3D animation, Central St Martin's College, University of the Arts [London]
  • Adobe-certified Masterclass: Creative Suite, Academy Class [London]
  • Associate Diploma in Writing and Editing, VUT [Melbourne]
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Results Training Australia [Melbourne]
  • Industry training programmes – MEL for Maya, in-house training sessions at Henson's, Framestore and Animal Logic.
Published titles
Ascendancy—Rogue Marshal ISBN:978-0-9872922-0-9
288 pages, page design, layout, authoring, illustration

Steam and Steel—Rogue Marshal ISBN:978-0-9872922-1-6
68 page supplement for Ascendancy—Rogue Marshal, page design, layout, authoring, illustration

Shattered Moon ISBN:978-0-9872922-2-3 (in production)
TBA pages, page design, layout, authoring, illustration

Manufactured products
Fate Deck (FateStorm game cards)
22 playing cards, design, layout and illustration

Shattered Moon T-shirts
Various illustrations and design

Tool Up products
Various clothing and personal items featuring the 'Tool Up' image

New Wrinkles 2010, No Vacancy Gallery, Queen Victoria Buildings, Melbourne Australia Exhibited: Boudicca, Assault on the Blood Pits

Personal Achievements
    Senior Rifleman Royal Australian Army
    Member of the Academy Award and BAFTA winning team for Best Visual Effects in Film 2007