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Shattered Moon — Elf

Elfs (not Elves) are the aristocracy of the Sidhe and typically the ones who decide upon the actions of the Sidhe nations. Sure of their authority over the other Sidhe they have little interest in the matters of the other races and instead focus on their own games of social and political power. This has always been the way and it was the council of elfs who were the final voice to decide with their high king Oberon to make the seal that all but cut off the earth from the Warp, thereby ending the age of Arcadia.

While they have a well deserved reputation of frivolity and vanity they are by no means weak willed or flighty in thought. Elfs have always enjoyed combat as much as any Sidhe and revelled in the bearing of arms and wearing of elegant and decorative armour during the times of war. While the trolls were made to be the warriors of the Sidhe during the titan wars the Elfs were typically the generals and captains leading the troops of Trolls into the fight.