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Shattered Moon — Troll

Trolls with their size and strength have always served the Sidhe as guards and warriors. But this is no coincidence as they were created for just such a role. During the age of Arcadia when the gods and giants fought for the earth and the titans were fashioned from the outer spheres and bought to the world the Dwarfs and Elfs of the Sidhe were being pressed to choose sides between the gods and the giants. In order to retain their independence they knew they needed a weapon with which they could stand their ground – the weapon they created was the Troll. The Dwarfs fashioned the trolls bodies from the sphere of the Element itself and the Elfs infused their bodies with raw Warp energies.

The Trolls with their size and strength and their ability to withstand elemental, as well as magical attacks, made them, in numbers, capable of holding off giants or a titan.