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Rogue Marshal — Ascendancy
On Thear it is the Broken Age. The living deity has vanished, leaving the godchildren – the DaiSheiÁn – a hunted and diminished race and their minions – the Eohlythid – once the mentors of humanity, scattered with the rise of the mad god Shiok.
On the shores of the Northern Coastal Marches, the remnants of the last crusade against Shiok came to rest and gave birth to the nation of Nebezzenatt. Ruled by the descendants of the DaiSheiÁn founders, Nebezzenatt became fractured and governed by mighty Cabals of industry. Through their wealth, will and power, Ashendrya was built: a city so vast and changing that it is known as the Endless City. A city so vast that normal citizens are called upon to act as its wardens in time of need. And there is always a need.