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Boudicca was a queen of the British tribe known as the Iceni during the time of the Roman occupation.

Her husband the king had agreed to follow Roman law as long as he remained in control of the Iceni and their lands. The Romans agreed to this.

However after her husband died the Romans decided that their agreement was void upon his death and sought to annex the Iceni and thier lands.

When Boudicca protested she was publicly flogged and her daughters were raped.

This brutal treatment by the romans against this noble woman and her house lead to an uprising that saw Boudicca rally the tribes of Britain in a war that almost saw Rome driven from Britain.

But the prolonged campaign by Boudicca's forces took its toll and running short on supplies her army was finally defeated by a much smaller Roman force.

Rumour says that in defeat Boudicca took her own life unwilling to be subject to Roman tyranny again.