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Shoughai Captain

“Let’s get this play started then.” Theremis said as he raised his combat mask and fixed it to the clasps beneath his helmet He twisted the rubber seals on the end of his respirator cords to the mask’s outlets and touched the small, gold seal near the left temple – this was an arcane rune circuit which when touched summoned assea energy from the environment around him to power the weaves bound to the goggles of the mask. Once activated the lenses of the goggles glowed a bright green the light of reality filtered through the magic in the lenses to show the mystical auras that all things possessed. This altered perspective meant that anyone wearing such a mask could see in any environment, unhampered by darkness, fog or arcane illusion. The mask formed part of Theremis’s suit of gorgon armour which had been in his family for generations, each generation embellishing the armour for their progeny to the point that it was now encrusted with gold and silver inlay, as well as the occasional jewel..