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“Sergeants to form mixed ranks on me.” Emerald shouted to those around him. Three sergeants amid the group he had gathered immediately moved with almost psychic collusion to gather their disparate units into a single cohesive force. The remains of the blisterwelds were fleeing in the face of a concerted defence and the last remaining Orphilax was on its knee’s failing weakly as a group of pikemen and halberdiers hacked its limbs and skewered it like a spatchcock chicken.
“Forward at the march” He announced loudly to the sergeants who became his shouted voice. As one in time to a drum which beat somewhere within their number they moved off across the plaza towards the blood pits.
He realised that the drumming was accentuated by the whumping reverberation of falling artillery somewhere in the region. Esresek had unleashed hell.