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Pajet breaks the Twaa
Usulu reminded Pajet of how she had run away when the Imyre had crushed their old home of Dalra, "I brought you and the Twaa with me then, and we have been alone ever since".
"And what about father?" Pajet knew the answer, but asked anyway.
Usulu frowned, "I've told you, Pajet, he was a protector, he had to stay behind, he is lost to us." She reached out and held his hand. "You and I are the last Taraen. We are alone. You are alone."
Pajet squeezed his mother's hand. "But I have you, mother."
"For now." Usulu looked to the broken Twaa.
"I can fix it. A little mud..." Pajet said.
"No, Pajet."Usulu said, "Somethings you cannot fix."