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Knight of Seth Instigator
A high-level source, who asked to remain anonymous, has confirmed a break-in at a top-secret government facility in a remote country location.
The facility known as WK-594 was, in the words of the source, not of national
importance, housing personnel records of deceased personnel from the last 60 years. When questioned about casualties to DOD employees at the site, the source refused to comment but four bodies were removed from the facility to a military hospital.
At the time of going to press, the DOD has still to make a press statement with regard to the break-in and, according to inside reports, there is conflict among high level DOD staff about the nature or confidentiality of any such statement.
A senior nurse at the hospital admitted that at least three bodies had been bought out of the facility bearing wounds that could only be ascribed to a long-bladed weapon.
There is speculation amongst security analysts that the site was in fact a secret warehouse for a DOD MIS server and that whoever broke in knew what they were looking for.